As an independent fee-based financial advisor we have no products to sell or commissions to earn. Our motivation is to implement the best investment allocation for you and your family based on your financial objectives and risk tolerances. As a fiduciary we will act in the best interests of our clients. We believe honesty and transparency are the key to strong, long lasting relationships.


Our clients' primary goal is to grow and sustain their families' wealth for themselves and multiple generations. We help them achieve that by following our disciplined strategic investing approach, which includes tactical adjustments to factor in taxes and charitable gifting.

We tend to be conservative and encourage our clients to develop reasonable expectations. We understand that accumulating wealth is a long process that requires patience and discipline. We understand the stock market is not a gambling casino, but rather an investment forum.


We believe that sound investment plan must be tailored to the specific needs of each client; therefore, we spend a tremendous amount of time listening to our clients' investment objectives. Then, and only then, can we create a plan to help them achieve their goals.

We believe a wealth building strategy must encompass asset allocation and investment diversification. 


We act in the best interest of our clients and consistently pursue professional excellence. From leveraging technology and professional development through continuing education, we strive to continue to improve ourselves to service our clients in the best possible way. We are available for meetings or consultations. You will have direct access to the principals of our firm. We also believe that collaboration with your other professionals is in your best interest.

We understand that our clients have plenty of choices of where to do business, but they choose to do business with us because of the exceptional service we provide and the value we add to the relationships we have.