Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do you really need a financial advisor?

A. If you are running a successful business, considering the uncertainties of retirement, going through a difficult financial transition, uncertain about the practicality of your life plans, or in need of experienced counsel, or you simply want to spend your time doing something else, you should consider a comprehensive financial advisor. Professional advisors can offer a wealth of experience, contribute technical knowledge, and add significant value.

Q. Does a RIA have a fiduciary responsibility?

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) has a fiduciary responsibility to you. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) has a fiduciary duty to place a client's interests ahead of his/her own.

  • With MFFM as your fiduciary, you have peace of mind knowing we're on your side. MFFM has a legal and moral obligation to put your interests first, above all others.
  • We will always act in good faith and with candor.
  • We will disclose any conflicts of interest that may impact you.
  • We will not accept any referral fees or compensation that is contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product.

Q. Why should you choose a fee-only advisor?

A. Choosing an advisor is a very personal decision that may come with some uncertainty. What we offer is financial advice about how to solve life issues, but what our clients get is peace of mind that comes from working with advisors that they trust who will put their needs first. As fee-only advisors, we do not sell or receive compensation from recommending specific investments or insurance. Our success depends on the quality of our advice and the satisfaction of our clients.

Q. How much time should you allow for your first meeting?

A. About an hour is sufficient for most people.

Q. What is the advantage of working with a firm like MFFM?

A. We use a team approach at MFFM. The principals of MFFM will coordinate and monitor the services (investments, estate planning and tax planning) we provide you with the other professionals in your financial life.

Q. What is difference between an RIA and a traditional stock broker?

A. Registered Investment Advisors are governed by either the Securities Exchange Commission or by a state. Stock Brokers are registered with National Association of Securities Dealers. Unlike traditional stockbrokers, MFFM does not charge any commissions. MFFM deducts a percentage fee at the end of each quarter for management fees. Therefore, both advisor and client work toward the same goal of growing the value of the account. As a result, MFFM is not limited to proprietary offerings and our clients receive unbiased investment advice.

Q. How is my account billed?

A. Clients accounts are charged at the end of each quarter. The management fee is directly proportional to the amount of assets that MFFM manages. You will receive a statement showing exactly how your fee was calculated.

Q. Who makes the investment decisions regarding my portfolio?

A. Investment decisions are carefully reviewed by our investment committee. This committee is comprised of the principals of MFFM. This team approach provides a system of checks and balances, a forum for information exchange, and seamless transitions in the event of any administrative changes. The committee also allows for multiple investment and market opinions and limits unnecessary vulnerability often associated with a single manager approach.

Q. How often will I receive statements?

A. Clients will receive performance reports from MFFM every month and a Realized Gains and Losses report at year's end. In addition, the custodian will send you monthly statements. Trade confirmations will be mailed to the address of record upon settlement day (usually three business days).

Q. How do I get online access to my accounts?

A. A link to the custodian is located on our homepage for your convenience. When prompted, simply enter your User ID and Password provided by our office. You will be able to view all transactions, positions and balances of all your accounts on either and individual or consolidated basis, should you have multiple accounts. In addition, you will have access to research tools, online account statements and year-end tax statements. If you need your user ID or password reset, please contact us by either calling our office at 800-388-9935 / 904-805-0207 or sending us an e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. When making deposits, who should the check be made payable to?

A. When making deposits into your account, make the check payable to TD Ameritrade and reference your account number in the memo section.

Q. How do I make withdrawals from my account(s)?

A. There are different methods for withdrawing funds among the different types of accounts. For IRA withdrawals, a signed IRA Distribution Form must be signed and submitted to our office. When withdrawing from a taxable account, requests must be in writing and signed by all account holders. It is important to reference the bank name, account name, account number, routing number, bank address and bank phone number. Automatic periodic payments can also be set up using the Money Transfer Plan . Please note that all wire transfers take one business day to process granted that funds are available in your money market and your request is received prior to 9 A.M. Pacific Time. You may also use your debit card and or checks to make withdrawals and or purchases.

Q. What is MFFM’s relationship to TD Ameritrade?

A. TD Ameritrade is the custodian. MFFM is the Registered Investment Advisor. MFFM acts as the advisor in managing your account which is held (in custody) at TD Ameritrade on your behalf. The custodian's role is to support the relationship between you and MFFM by streamlining back office procedures. This unparalleled level of support allows MFFM to spend more time managing your portfolio and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Q. Does the custodian offer check writing features for my account(s)?

A. Standard check writing features can also be added to all taxable accounts. In addition, debit cards may also be ordered for each respective taxable account. The debit cards have a daily withdrawal limit for purchases. They are accepted anywhere the VISA logo is displayed. The debit checks have no withdrawal limit and can be used like any other standard checking account. There is no fee associated for adding this feature to your account. There is a $9.95 charge for reordering checks (set of 100) but you have the option of reordering checks through any third party vendor.