Why Choose Us

Our clients have a multi-generational mindset. We help them see the big picture of their financial lives and help them solve issues that are important to them.

We don't sell anything and take a common sense view of investing and growing wealth for your future and the future of your family.

No conflict of interest.

As an independent fee-based financial advisor we have no products to sell or commissions to earn. Our motivation is to implement the best investment allocation for you and your family based on your financial objectives and risk tolerances. Our bias is to act exclusively in the best interests of our clients.

Long-term focus.

Our clients' primary goal is to grow and sustain their families' wealth for themselves and multiple generations. We help them achieve that by following our disciplined strategic investing approach, which includes tactical adjustments to factor in taxes and charitable gifting.

Security of your assets.

The assets you invest with us will remain under your control and will be held by an independent custodian. This brokerage firm will independently price the securities and send directly to you all trade confirmations and monthly statements. We will deliver any necessary 1099 forms and provide web access detailing all aspects of your account.

A Customized Portfolio.

Our strategy is to develop and maintain a portfolio designed to meet your specific goals considering taxes, gifting and legacy planning.

Dedicated Client Service.

We're always available for meetings or consultations. You will have direct access to the principals of our firm.