Our Specialty

Retirement Planning

We take pride in helping clients ensure that their golden years are truly golden, but that planning starts long before the actual retirement date. There are really three distinct phases and each is important to ensuring a comfortable retirement.

The first phase is pre-retirement (the accumulation years). This takes place during clients’ working years or, as we call them, "the accumulation years." The decisions that are made during this stage will largely determine how much a client will have when he or she retires.

The next phase is actual process of retirement. This takes place in a relatively short period of time. The decisions made here could easily mean the difference between success and hardship during your post retirement years.

The final phase we help clients with is post-retirement. This is when you get to enjoy the rewards of the previous phases, but the decisions here will affect your ability to continue the lifestyle you have worked and planned so carefully to establish.

No matter where you are on the retirement timeline, you have some idea of what you'd like to do when you retire. We help clients to turn their retirement goals and dreams into reality. To do that it requires a well defined plan, a plan that will supply you with answers to questions about retirement costs. It will guide you through a step-by-step approach designed to build and manage your retirement nest egg, beginning before retirement and continuing through your "golden years."

Estate Planning

The families we serve value their lifestyles and know that they’re the result of hard work and dedication. They want to create for themselves and their loved ones a sound financial plan that includes trust and estate planning. With careful planning, our clients are often able to minimize gift and estate taxes and preserve more of their assets for those they care about.

One of the first steps you'll take in the estate planning process is determining how much planning you'll need to undertake. No two situations are alike. Even individuals who don't have a great deal of wealth require some degree of planning. On the flip side, those with substantial assets often require highly complex estate plans.

Estate planning is very complex. While a simple will may adequately serve the estate planning needs of some people, you should meet with qualified professionals to be sure you are developing a plan that is consistent with your objectives.

Finally, be sure to recognize that estate planning is an ongoing process that may require periodic review to ensure that plans are in concert with your changing goals. In addition, because estate planning often entails many facets of your personal finances, it often involves the coordinated efforts of qualified legal, tax, insurance, and financial professionals. We are uniquely positioned to assist in coordinating these experts.